Canvas Tray Frames. Floating Effect Frames for Canvases. 22mm Deep.

  • £2125

Our Canvas Tray Frames are the Best way to Frame Canvases of Pictures or of Artwork without glass. This way of framing shows of the canvas texture, as well as showing off the full extent of the artwork.
These Tray Frames are designed with a 5mm gap between the canvas and frame, this gives the effect that the canvas is floating.

The sizes stated are that of the canvas. Each frame will be made slightly larger to accommodate a shadow gap between your canvas and the frame. For example, if your canvas is 8x10", select this size in the drop down menu. The internal of the frame will then be made to allow a 5mm gap surrounding your canvas to give a floating effect.

The pre-stretched canvas (a canvas over a wooden stretcher frame), sits in the tray and is held in place by screws from behind allowing you to see the full extent of the artwork.
This item comes with predrilled holes, allowing you to easily attach and centralise your items. Fittings are included.

These Tray Frames have an internal depth of 22mm and therefore can accommodate canvases with a depth of 22mm or less. If Less than 22mm the frame will not be flush to the canvas.
The inner rebate of the frame (the depth of your canvas) is 22mm,
The outer rebate (depth of the entire frame/ how far it will come away from the wall) is 32mm,
The front of the frame width is 10mm
These frames come in Black and White with a woodgrain finish. Can be hung Portrait OR Landscape.

Please get in touch for any queries about this product.

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