Flag Display Frame, with two photographs. Perfect for Golf Flags.

  • £7000

The perfect way to display your flag. Treasure your memories.

Available in a selection of colours, including black, white, pale grey, dark grey and oak. The Frame is an Italian wood moulding, 22mm wide and 22mm deep. This includes a quality bevelled, acid free mount. The top mount comes in a selection of colours. The backboard to display your medals comes in white only.
All our Medal frames have a woodgrain finish, with a perspex/styrene window, MDF backboard and hanging fixtures.
This frame is designed to give the illusion that your flag is floating, with a box style moulding, and 3D cavity.

These Frames have a 3D cavity to allow depth for your flag, including tube-style flags. This product is designed for you to fit the flag yourself using hook and loop fastening dots, which are provided, alternatively, acid-free double sided tape would be sufficient.

This product has a visual aperture of 520x375mm to display your flag, making it perfect for The Open Flags.
If your flag exceeds this size, not all of the flag will be visible, if your flag is smaller than this, the more backboard will be on show.
Add your own text via the personalisation option. This frame also suits two 6x4" photographs.

The perspex size of this frame is 60x60cm. The overall size of this frame is 63.5x63.5cm.
Perspex is used instead of glass for safety.

This frame is empty and is for displaying your flag.

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